Making sense of psychotherapy

Unravel the essential dynamics of each therapy session to provide actionable research-based insights that improve the efficiency and the quality of psychotherapy.

Empower therapists

Optimize resources

Achieve better outcomes

Avoid harmful practice

If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It!

Half of the classic therapy sessions are unsuccessful, every tenth is actually damaging.

MindSense combines evidence based research and AI driven technology to deliver session-by-session and therapy measurable and meaningful observations for care-providers and therapists as a whole.

Powering deliberate therapy

Using proprietary AI technology, the MindSense platform translates each statement made during therapy into a measurable data point and summarizes each session with objective, personalized guidance and counseling feedback.

Encrypted transcripts

AI analysis

Actionable outcomes

Unlocking the full potential of psychotherapy by empowering professional intuition with AI based insights.

Our mission is to help therapists improve their therapy, and deliver better care.

With the demand for mental health at its peak and a shortage of experienced therapists, comes the need for digital tools that can streamline the accumulation and analysis of data from therapy sessions.

Our team

The founding team includes clinical experts with in-depth understanding of the practice and psychotherapy field and technology and product specialists with years of experience in developing and bringing digital health products to the market.

Our team’s mission is to enable dedicated psychotherapists to achieve phenomenal outcomes.

Shlomo Mendlovic

M.Sc. MD PhD , M.H.A

Founder & CMO

The founder of the MATRIX-analytics Research Group, developing a novel tool that predicts outcome in psychotherapy.

Udi Bobrovsky


Co-founder & CEO

At the cutting edge of digital health, developing AI-driven products, to assist people and care providers to maintain better health.



Co-founder & CBO

Social Psychologist & Behavioral Economics Specialist. fascinated by the complexity of humans and the beauty of disruptive products.



Co-founder & Head of clinical trials

Clinical psychologist, Exploring the process and outcome of psychoanalytic psychotherapy using advanced Machine-Learning analysis.

MindSense academy

Get inspired! Learn about how we are changing psychotherapy.

All things

In treatment, there is a delicate balance between the technical and the human. On the one hand, there is the “technical”, the “way in which

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Breaking and Fixing

Various parameters affect the success of psychotherapy. Some are specific (for example, the technique used by the therapist), and some are non-specific (for example, the intensity and depth of the relationship between the patient and the therapist). Of the many influencing parameters, the one that has the greatest power in predicting the outcomes of psychotherapy is the therapeutic alliance.

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