We're on a mission to make psychotherapy better.

With the world of mental health experiencing a spike in demand and shortage of therapist.

When statistics indicate that the world of psychotherapy is far of being efficient while the cost for the society is enormous.

Our mission is to try and improve that, 


Why us?

We have years of academic research combined with decades of psychotherapy practice, in all levels together with extensive technology knowhow and expertise, which allow us to execute what we believe can be a game changer in the psychotherapy world.

Cutting edge technology

We’re applying cutting edge technology, based on text analysis and AI, to bring mental health care providers and therapists with tools that would enable them to focus on what matters most, and become more effective in their care. all that with a seamless solution that integrates into the therapy workflow.

Dr. Shlomo mendlovic

Founder & CMO

The founder of the MATRIX-analytics Research Group, developing a novel tool that predicts outcome in psychotherapy.

Udi Bobrovsky

Co-founder & CEO

At the cutting edge of digital health, developing AI-driven products, to assist people and care providers to maintain better health.


Co-founder & CBO

Social Psychologist, & Behavioral Economics Specialist. Fascinated by the complexity of humans, dynamics of technology and the beauty of cutting-edge products.


Co-founder & Head of clinical trials

Psychotherapist and researcher, Mor’s current post-graduate research explores the process and outcome of psychoanalytic psychotherapy using advanced Machine-Learning analysis.


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Email: info@mindsense.it
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