All things

In treatment, there is a delicate balance between the technical and the human. On the one hand, there is the “technical”, the “way in which the treatment is supposed to take place”. The “technical” is embodied in laws (e.g., the command not to have a relationship with the patient outside of therapy), traditions (e.g., emphasizing […]

Breaking and Fixing

Various parameters affect the success of psychotherapy. Some are specific (for example, the technique used by the therapist), and some are non-specific (for example, the intensity and depth of the relationship between the patient and the therapist). Of the many influencing parameters, the one that has the greatest power in predicting the outcomes of psychotherapy is the therapeutic alliance.

The potential – from series to growth

In its more popular image, psychotherapy “comes to make an order”. This image is not very far from the truth. Indeed, psychotherapy seeks to take a messy inner world and make it more orderly; It seeks to mediate unconscious internal tensions and tune the patient in a way that will allow him to manage his […]

The presentation of the Matrix

She has been in treatment for seven months. Her sensitive caregiver has long felt that the patient is avoiding, moving away. Every time you go back to her, she backs away. Any attempt by the caregiver to touch, ask, find out, is repulsed; Sometimes in thunderous silence, sometimes in the diversion of the subject, and […]

Turning a Therapist to a Master Therapist

In 1974, David Rick decided to examine what influences the results of psychotherapy. The group of patients selected was “tough”: adolescents suffering from severe mental illness, those whose management of care is, of course, complex. The researchers tried to answer a simple question: “In whom did the treatment succeed, and in whom did it fail.” […]