How are your therapies working out for you?​

Our patent-pending, innovative technology, decipher complex psychotherapy interactions, radically reducing the unknowns, and paving the way towards a much more efficient and cost-effective care.

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve It!

YES! We actually found a way to observe dynamic psychotherapy sessions at scale, and to reflect from that on the therapies as a whole.
We analyze session-by-session and respond with therapist guidance and provider supervision insights.

Discernment bad from good therapies and take action

...and it works, For real!

We spent the last 5 years working on this mission, and through extensive research processes, we were able to achieve some amazing breakthroughs.
The findings were published in the most respected science magazines.
We are now in the midst of an extensive prospective pilot to validating the method.

Empowering therapists

Our mission is to help therapists strive, improve their therapy, and deliver better care.
With demand for mental health demand at a peak and shortage in therapists, digital empowerment tools are becoming a necessity.

Don't just take our word for that

Therapists using our solution reports a major shift in their practice, both for their experience and the improved level of care.


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